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  • Thornaut Batteries
  • Address:130 N. West Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307
  • Phone:219-644-3231
  • Toll free:866 894-7337
  • Fax:219-644-3231

Thornaut is a registered trademark to NuVant Systems Inc. The application was filed on July 25, 2020. The mark for Thornaut trademark registration is intended to cover the category of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. The USPT class status for Thornaut is “ACTIVE.” There are companies that are inappropriately using the Thornaut trademark. The USPT Thornaut trademark is owned by NuVant Systems Inc. No permission has been given to any other entity to use this mark.

Disclaimer: Thornaut is not associated with or partnered with:

  • Hybridtek Thornaut
  • Hybridtek Thornaut General Trading L.L.C.
  • Thornaut in Sydney
  • Hybridtek Dubai
  • Hybridtek Thornaut L.L.C.
  • Or any other mark that incorporates Thornaut in a hyphenated or un-hyphenated form is an inappropriate and unauthorized use of the trademark.

NuVant, and it’s DBA Thornaut does not endorse any of the above companies and has demanded that all references to Thornout, by these companies, be immediately removed. No contracts signed by any of the above infringing entities are binding to NuVant Systems. NuVant is unaware of any of the business dealings of the above infringing companies.